Just because I can eat, let me go to the transfiguration meter

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Xu Fei traveled to a parallel world and suddenly had the attribute of a big stomach king.

But because he ate hundreds of millions more at each meal than before, his parents thought he was using the money to skip classes online.

Coupled with the fact that his predecessor had done all kinds of bad things and was not a good son, the angry parents felt that this child was hopeless. He not only fought at a young age, but also learned to lie and deceive others.

Unable to bear it, he was sent to the famous Transfiguration Program, hoping to change his bad habits.

It doesn’t matter, I don’t leave you here, I have my own place to stay. The vast countryside has a lot to offer!

But the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly discovered why Xu Fei’s painting style was different from those naughty kids in the past?

When others first arrived, they either smashed it or vented their anger. Xu Fei not only lived in a cave dwelling, but also called it comfortable!

Others always think that rural food is not delicious, but Xu Fei eats every meal with a shiny face!

Others were thinking of ways to escape, while Xu Fei was thinking of ways to have enough to eat.

What? There is another funeral in the next village, don’t stop me, I’m going to help!

The whole network was shocked: “Where did you find such a weirdo? He is said to be a bad guy, but how come he looks so solid? ”

“Xu Fei is not here to transform himself, he is here to transform others! ”

“Please beg the show team to write a better script. Compared with him, I am a waste! ”

Programmer: We really don’t have a script, do you believe it?

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