Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Family Swordsmith Refuses To Be Cut In Half

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【Travel】+【System】+【Gojo Satoru】+【Reaper】+【No Regrets】

What? Traveling through the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, he became Gojo Ming, the twin brother of the strongest Jujutsu master Gojo Satoru. This should be the most powerful leg of the Jujutsu master, right?

However, Gojo Ming was almost killed by Satoru in the womb. When the power of the curse was absorbed, he awakened the [Death Fusion System].

Since you can’t become a Jujutsu master, then become a Shinigami with Heavenly Restriction!

In this way, Gojo Naru, who has no magic power but possesses Six Eyes, has become the real enemy of Jujutsu masters.

Can’t use the spell? I’m proficient in all things like slaying fists and walking away ghosts!

Not interested in Cursed Tool? I create a blade as sharp as fire to burn everything!

No Cursed Spirit? Shizuku, Benihime, and Sode Shirayuki are personified to assist in the battle!

Gojo Satoru: Am I the strongest Jujutsu master? Well, I admit it, but there is someone stronger than me! Who are you asking? Oh, that person is not a Jujutsu master.

Zenin: Gojo Ming is the true tyrant of Heavenly Restriction. He will change ordinary people’s views on Heavenly Restriction!

Ieiri Shōko: Reversal of magic talents? I think Ming’s self-proclaimed Hui Dao is the strongest treatment method.

Yaga Masamichi: I am the Curse Master? No, no, no, Gojo Ming is the Curse Emperor.

Ninety-nine Yuki: Only Gojo Ming can realize my ideal! Ming, what kind of woman do you like?

Watching the world slowly changing, Gojo Ming, the manager of Master House, looked at his row of Zanpakutō and smiled slightly——

Ryōmen Sukuna? Satoru, I won’t let you be cut in half like a clown this time! King of Curses? Even if he is a god, I will kill him to show you!

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