It Is Said That Falling in Love Makes People Beautiful

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Xi Shui’s major was ballet dancing and his side gig was diet. No one could understand the secret of losing weight better than choreographers: eat less move more. Despite being hyperactive, Xi Shui excelled at eating. When the teacher pinched the spare tire on his stomach, Xi Shui was ashamed and angry. He found a formula that Kissing could burn calories and the more intense the partner’s kiss, the more calories would be consumed. This could be able to fall in love and lose weight. It was Zhou Zeqi, a celebrity from the school’s Sport Academy, that he was aiming for. He summoned up the courage and went find the person he fell in love with, carrying a small school bag on his back: ” I want to fall in love with you…”

Xi Shui was so shy that he couldn’t raise his head. Zhou Zeqi looked at the boy who was trembling from blushing to the base of his neck in front of him and casually accepted the confession. Another party knew the steps of love and was passionate about kissing. Zhou Zeqi thought that the other party loved him so much, but one day he saw a bunch of records on the other party’s mobile phone:

5.23 kiss for ten seconds burns 0 calories

5.24 kiss for five minutes burns 30 calories

5.26 kiss for ten minutes burns 60 calories….

XiaoXi’s trouble: What to do? Zhou Zeqi wants to go to a hotel with me wahahahah….

Zhou Zeqi felt like he was about to be pissed off by his little boyfriend: Damn it.

Foolish ballet beauty, Little swan × “I believe everything you say” – Big wolf dog – Gong

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