Is it normal for a top student with an EQ of 20 to create a chip?

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Luo Yao traveled to another world and was bound to a strange technological system from birth.

In order to improve Luo Yao’s hardware level, the system thoughtfully sent Luo Yao a gift package for newcomers——

Sherlock Holmes has an IQ of 300 and an EQ of 20!

In his previous life, Luo Yao was a humble worker who could only nod and bow when he saw his boss.

In this life, he won’t pretend anymore!

If things can be solved with IQ, Luo Yao will definitely not use EQ!

A foreign EDA president: The EDA software developed by Mr. Luo is likely to use our technology!

Luo Yao: Do ​​you ever feel that you have lowered the IQ of the entire street?

A foreign lithography machine manufacturer: Please explain to me, what kind of lithography machine do you use?

Luo Yao: Biologist Goodall still needs to go to the tropical rainforest to observe apes, but I don’t have to.

A technical president of ChatGPT: Our artificial intelligence can only conduct rudimentary chats. How does yours have self-awareness?

Luo Yao: Have you never seen MOSS? That will give you a lot of insight.

A doctoral supervisor: Luo Yao, you are good at everything, but your emotional intelligence is not up to par.

Luo Yao: Emotional intelligence? That’s just a product of game theory. If others don’t deserve it, why should I use it?

Luo Yao is going further and further on the road of low EQ, chips, quantum satellites, 6G mobile phones, quantum computers, artificial intelligence MOSS, new nanomaterials, AI medical cabins, Baidi aerospace fighter jets, controllable nuclear fusion technology, and the Luan Bird Sky Mother Ship… waiting for the explosive emergence of cutting-edge high technology!

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