Invest In The People Of The Destiny Clan, My Strength Is The Sum Of The Whole Clan

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[Invincible + family + group portraits + behind the scenes + cool writing + domineering + no heroine + no ambiguity + no licking + no suppression + decisive killing + more exciting later stages]

Jiang Daoxuan traveled through the fantasy world and became the head of the Jiang family.

Get the strongest family system.

Strength is linked to the sum total of the clan. The stronger the clan members are, the stronger the host will be!

And as long as you invest in clan members, you can trigger a critical hit return!

[Invest in Qilin Step and get the ancient eyes! 】

[Invest in Bodhisattva and obtain the Ancient Holy Body! 】

[Invest in Emperor Grade Sword Art and obtain the Four Swords of Zhu Xian! 】

[Invest in the Jidao Emperor Weapon and get the Divine Axe! 】


Years later.

When everyone was fighting for an imperial weapon, everyone in the Jiang family already had an imperial weapon!

When all the forces are struggling to recruit a genius, the Jiang family has already had divine bodies, holy bodies, Tao bodies, and sons of destiny appearing frequently!

As the Jiang family gradually dominates the world, one by one comes out the supreme emperor who reflects on the heavens and suppresses all realms…

Jiang Beixuan: “Why do I, Jiang Beixuan, need to explain to others my actions throughout my life! ”

Jiang Chungang: “If heaven had not given birth to me, Jiang Chungang, my swordsmanship would be as long as the night! ”

Jiang Wushi: “Who is the peak at the end of the immortal road? When I see the beginningless path, it becomes empty! ”

Jiang Lan: “The top of the immortals, proud of the world, with me, Jiang Lan, there will be heaven! ”

Jiang Fan: “As the Emperor of Heaven, I should suppress all enemies in the world! ”

Jiang Hao: “Whoever dares to claim to be invincible, whoever dares to say that he is invincible, will never see the end of the emperor!

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