Infinite ambiguity with the best actor variety show, the female guest cried in anger

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[I became popular on the Internet with my poisonous tongue. Did he really say that I was flirting? ]

Lou Yuejiao accidentally transformed into a famous black and red star in the entertainment industry.

Others say that the original owner is trying to gain popularity? No talent? All there is to show for it?

He looked in the mirror, his eyes were foxy, his waist was jade, and his voice was still lazy.

It doesn’t matter, I’ll do it.

The variety show “Country Life” was launched, and the program instantly became the top trending search topic.

Others are busy pretending to be a weak young lady, but she is really too down-to-earth, and even has a mouth full of words, congratulating and adding venom along the way.

“Brother, can you hurry up? Don’t slow down the whole group because of you! ”

“Does the law stipulate that this land is your home? Where does the protection fee come from and can it be invoiced? ”

“Who doesn’t have hard-earned money? Why should I confiscate it? They don’t need it. Do you want me to buy a suona to say hello? ”

Fans: Crazy, completely crazy.

Black fans: Why is she so cruel today? I can’t spray her anymore…

The actor interacted with her, and their relationship seemed very ambiguous.

“Don’t bundle me with him. It’s so annoying whether we love each other or not. The heroine doesn’t do love! ”

Later, her secretly married husband appeared on the variety show and greeted her directly.

“I haven’t seen you for a day. Do you miss me, baby? ”

Gu Xingchuan: ?

Whole network: ?

The man with a perfect figure slowly spoke: “Don’t miss my wife, she has been deceived a long time ago. ”

“Actually, that night was not a dream, scolding me was not a dream, and the sore back was not a dream! ”

Lou Yuejiao: Grass!

Fan: I just fell in love with a goddess, why did she get married!

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