In the book, the villain master sneaked into my room late at night

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Story of: In the book, the villain master sneaked into my room late at night

[Through the book + system + pseudo-villain + a bit of nonsense + no logic + the heroine is undecided] Also known as: All members have the system, the old six protagonists steal the villain’s job. The book: I have a super talent that all bad women love, Su Bai Chuan Become the protagonist of the book, blessed with good luck, the favored son of heaven… Bah! Nowadays, villains who travel through books are popular. Fortunately, he is bound to the system. As a result, he found that he was surrounded by villains with systems, all of whom wanted to kill him, the protagonist. What should I do? What else can be done? Don’t waste your time growing up! Plot of the original book: The first villain, the yandere master, wants to practice dual cultivation with his disciple. The original master respects his master and refuses to let him get in. As a result, he was imprisoned in the palace by his master. The second villain, a gentle junior sister from the same family, confessed to the original owner but was rejected, and finally turned evil. The third villain is an undercover demon sect. The cute little princess of the demon sect fell in love with the original owner at first sight and helped him with all his resources to make the original owner so powerful. As a result, the original owner of the Demon Slayer Cult, the little princess turned black… . Su Bai went through the book. The villains collectively went Barbie Q.”Who am I, where am I? This plot is wrong. ” “It’s over, he agreed. ” “This whole mess, why hasn’t he come to kill my whole family? ” “It’s completely over, this protagonist’s head is so watted, he won’t press Let’s go with the plot! ” The introduction is weak, please move to the main text!

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