In a World Where Women Are Strong, It Is Strange That I, a Man, Is the Strongest in the World

In a World Where Women Are Strong, It Is Strange That I, a Man, Is the Strongest in the World
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Tensei-It is the title of the strongest in the world.

One day, the sacred Legina came down to the city in search of a successor.

What he found there was … a world where women were supposed to be strong, but a boy about ten years old was messing around with ten women.

“It’s this guy …!”

Legina decided to raise the boy, Kamil

Kamil is full of swordsmanship talent and grows at an amazing speed even in the heavens.

The predecessor Tensei appears there and sees Kamil’s talent.

“He has a talent for magic.”

“Huh? A talent for swords?”

“… Eh?”

Kamil had not only a talent for swords, but also a talent for magic.

Immediately he learns that he is talented not only in swords and magic, but also in the fighting spirit of hitting with his bare hands .

Kamil who has mastered all three, even though each one will lead to heaven.

After only five years of training, he became strongest , and in three years he became the strongest heavenly god in history.

“Isn’t Tensei a profession? I’ve never heard of the strongest in the world?”

Kamil came to Tensei without being told that Tensei was the strongest in the world.

After that, various incidents came to Kamil of Tensei.

“I’ve worked hard, so I want to live a little more slowly …” –This

is the story of a man who unknowingly became the strongest in a world where women are strong.

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