Immortality: I practiced the forbidden technique into an invincible one

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Good news: Ye Tian traveled through time, has unlimited lifespan, and is immortal. He was even made the prince of the empire and will inherit the throne in the future!

Bad news: Ye Tian was framed, deposed as the crown prince, and thrown into prison. He also had no qualifications for cultivation and could only be imprisoned in a dark cell forever, never to see the light of day!

Fortunately, the sky is endless.

Ye Tian accidentally discovered the mysterious space of the Forest of Steles, which contained seven invincible forbidden arts.

Since then it has soared into the sky!

[Genuine as Forest]: Improve your qualifications, but every time you temper it, it will consume ten years of life?

I burned my life for 2000 years to build a body of exquisite bones, and from then on I became a peerless genius with unparalleled qualifications!

[Seven Killing Sword Techniques]: No one can stop it, but you can only use seven swords in a lifetime, and you will die suddenly on the spot after using them?

I just cut and chop, and the eight hundred swords were still alive and kicking!

[Immortal Holy Body]: After one hundred and eight tribulations, no one has succeeded so far?

I just treat the tribulation as a bath. If I don’t get struck by lightning for a day, my heart will itch!

[Destroy Punishment Chessboard]: Ten thousand years of life is one piece, playing chess with the sky. If you win, you can command the way of heaven, but if you lose, your body will die and the way will disappear?

I just bet a million dollars on my life, no matter what God says, I am just playing with my heartbeat!

After endless ages.

Ye Tian practiced all the access control techniques into invincible techniques.

Standing at the top of the avenue.

All living beings bow their heads! All peoples worship!

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