I’m Really A Spiritual Master

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Many races on Kaga are constantly at war, and evil eyes are watching the entire planet through the Spirit World.

Any intelligent being has the hope of awakening Psionic through the ubiquitous Spirit World and becoming a powerful Psionic Wielder.

There is Psionic Wielder to master the power of the elements, there is Psionic Wielder to quench the Flesh Refining body, and there is Psionic Wielder to sublimate the soul.

Among them, a very small number of Psionic Wielder hope to obtain special knowledge from the Spirit World and transform it into their own unique talents.

Lu Kong transmigrated into this world. Because of the transmigration, his soul was different. He awakened Psionic at the age of fifteen and became a spiritual contract master who used the power of his soul to contract Spirit Beast and other creatures. He was even able to achieve breakthroughs after awakening. When you are there, you can see the various knowledge contained in Spirit World and choose the talents you need!

[Perfect Body (Imperishable) ]: There is no limit to the strength of the body. As long as you exercise, you can continuously improve your physical strength.

[Heart of the God of War (Main God) ]: Born to fight, the more you fight, the stronger you will become. Those who cannot defeat you will only make you stronger.

[Storm Lord (Lord God) ]: You are the Lord of the sky, atmosphere and storms.

[Psionic Affinity (Legendary) ]: Born with a natural affinity for Psionic, the speed of absorbing Psionic is much faster than that of ordinary people.


Looking at the extremely powerful talents, Lu Kong only felt that something was not right.

Having said that, I am a spiritual bond master, why don’t I have the talent of a spiritual bond master?

A few years later, Lu Kong punched an evil god who had descended upon him and said angrily: “I told you I was a spirit bonder, why don’t you believe me? ”

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