I’m Going Crazy Because I Can’t Contract With The Heroic Spirit.

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[Heroic spirit + simulation + non-routine + no heroine]

The age of fighting spirits has arrived, and people contract heroic spirits from other worlds to fight for themselves.

Some heroic spirits split mountains and seas with a wave of their hands, and some heroic spirits wiped out the world with their pens, doing whatever they pleased.

Chen Ming, who traveled through time, could not contract any heroic spirits, but he awakened his talent [Book of Heroic Spirits].

Through the Book of Heroic Spirits, he can personally travel to the world of heroic spirits with his tokens, inscribe his own legend, and use himself as a template to create a new heroic spirit!

He once rushed thousands of miles to attack the enemy, and sealed the wolf as his lord. He was the [Shenwei General].

He once slayed dragons and gods with his own hands, just to restore a peaceful world to the world. He is the [Dragon-Slaying Heavenly Master]

He has been infamous throughout the ages, but he has wiped out all the demons in the world. He is the [Sword God of Purification].

[God of Killing] [Demon Lord] [Swallowing Sky Demonic God] [Immortal in Wine]… Unknowingly, going against time, Chen Ming has been honored as the ancestor at the end of the myth, leaving behind countless immortal legends.

When his peers were worrying about how to contract a powerful heroic spirit, Chen Ming looked at his legendary heroic spirits and also fell into deep thought: “Which vest should I use next time? ”


The first heroic spirit projection: Chen Ming traveled back and forth to become a general with heavy troops in the Daqian Dynasty. However, during the critical period of palace change, the prince died inexplicably in his jurisdiction.

Chen Ming thought: “The prince is dying here, and the emperor will never spare me. Isn’t it too unfair to be a mute? I am dissatisfied! Come here! Your majesty wants to rebel now, so drag this rebellious traitor to me. Go out and kill! ”

“Eh? Why did my pajamas turn into a yellow robe? Who moved me to the dragon chair? You have really hurt me!

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