I’ll Just Live On As A Villainess


I reincarnated into a villain from a book that attempted murder!


“I didn’t do it, so why do I have to fix it?”

I thought about it for a moment. Let’s just get it over with!

“…It’s cold, isn’t it?”

I was banished somewhere cold. Extremely cold.

I’m about to die, but I only have piles of woods that don’t burn well!

I called out to Theoharis, the demon of flames, to live, and…

“You called me just to light a fire?”

“All right, just quickly light it.”

This demon is an inexhaustible nuisance!

“You called me. So you should be responsible for me.”

“Be responsible? Why should I?”

“The contract is for life.”

Hey, I just wanted to light a fire!

This is a story about a villain who wants to live peacefully, and the demon Theoharis, who wants to have his contract fulfilled.

Kim Da-ham’s featured romance fantasy novel,

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