I’ll Expel You as Many Times as It Takes; Your Failed Skill Will Awaken Later and Make You the Strongest. Meanwhile, Even Though I’m About to Be Relegated to a Miserably Miserable End, Could You Please Go Away and Leave the Party?

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After his father was killed by the Demon King, a young man named Elius vowed to avenge him. On the night after he completed a skill acquisition ceremony, he met a mysterious man named “Kuro” who offered him a deal. Kuro claimed that normally it would take ten years to defeat the Demon King, but with a new skill obtained through the deal, the process could be shortened to five years.

Though Elius doubted Kuro’s words, he accepted the deal in order to avenge his father and minimize the casualties caused by the Demon King’s army. The skill he obtained from Kuro was called “Guidance.”

The skill Elius obtained from Kuro, called “guidance,” allowed him to repeat his life from the age of 15 to 20 and discover the necessary causes to defeat the Demon King. Using the power of Guidance, Elius repeated five-year periods multiple times and met powerful individuals such as a saintess and a skilled spear user, giving him a sense of assurance in his quest to defeat the Demon King.

However, during his repeated life cycles, Elius met Elaine, who possessed the “Accounting” skill, which was considered a subpar skill for adventurers. Using Guidance, Elius added her to his party, only to realize that he was fated to expel her later on.

As a result of being expelled, Elaine awakened her strongest skill, “Master of Numbers,” and began to flourish. Meanwhile, Elius was scorned by those around him as an “incompetent with no eyes” and fell into decline. However, Elaine’s awakening alone was not enough to reach the Demon King’s realm.

Elius continued to repeat his life cycle, searching for the necessary causes to defeat the Demon King. He struggled with a sense of guilt and duty as he expelled Elaine and entrusted her with the task of defeating the Demon King everytime. Despite this, he continued saying the same phrase over and over again:

“We don’t need someone with a subpar skill.”

While expelling Elaine, Elius continued to examine if there was anything else he could do to contribute. He believed that someday Elaine would be able to defeat the Demon King.

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