I’ll Become the Female Lead in this Trashy Webnovel


The novel I wrote became a mess.

I had possessed Ariad, the beautiful hoe that had already mixed her body fluids with countless men.

Since this had already happened, I had no choice but to make Ariad the female lead of my web novel.

All my characters had already gone wild while running full steam ahead as I struggled to save the novel’s tearful survival.

“You are mine. No one is allowed to touch you.”

I have to connect with the male lead fast, but why did the second male lead have to keep checking the third leg inside his pants?

“I love it when I see your face contort from the pain, Ariad. I want to be right beside you while you suffer and die.”

You have to be loved to become a female lead but who said that love isn’t a b*tch?

The male lead was nothing but possessive.

“I feel sorry for Joshua. Please divorce me.”

The existing female lead, who was supposed to have a kind and refreshing character, got blinded by unrequited love that she couldn’t see anything else.

Can I properly complete this messed-up novel?

Readers, I’m working hard here, so please don’t leave me!

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