If cultivation is exchanged for understanding, will I be mentally retarded for five thousand years?

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Story of: If cultivation is exchanged for understanding, will I be mentally retarded for five thousand years?

[Novel and explosive + multiple pictures + tradition + early stage mental retardation + invincibility + full of fun + speed up after 100, 000 words] When you click on this book, please be calm and low-key, because the content in the book is too explosive and it is very easy to be half exposed. Su Yun, an aboriginal member of the largest family in the world of immortality, had a lot of misfortunes since childhood. First, he was struck by lightning at birth and became mentally retarded. Later, he was forced to live on the street with his mother, who died tragically. He was captured as a drug slave and reached a turning point in his life when he was eighteen years old. Su Yun’s original understanding was sealed in a dark abyss filled with lustful winds. Until by chance, he met the daughter of Medusa, a demon princess and a centaur, and the explosive road to immortality officially began. First there is the proud bull demon, who becomes stronger when he can drink it. Later, the Human Emperor Princess, who was fused with Se Se [famous weapon], helped him reach the top. In the end, Su Yun, with his mentally retarded body, turned the entire continent of cultivation upside down… Many years later, when he exchanged his cultivation for understanding and returned to normal, he said some wise words that would influence future generations. Su Yun: “You are shameless and invincible. As long as you can become stronger, what about the witch? If I become ruthless, I won’t even let the beasts go… ” When he looked back behind him, he showed an extremely evil smile… … The introduction is weak, please move to the explosive text.

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