If a good person dies like a lamp going out, will you be reincarnated?

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Xu Lei traveled through an ancient alien world.

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Those who are killed can be resurrected, and those who die of old age can be reincarnated into future generations.

As long as there are endless descendants, he will be immortal!

At first, Xu Lei just wanted to have more children to ensure his reincarnation.

For this reason, he entered Buddhism by mistake, became a Zen master, and donated his descendants to the world.

Later, he just wanted to be a rich young man, free and happy… But he didn’t expect that there was still extraordinary existence in this world, and he could live forever if he cultivated it!


Reincarnated again and again, Xu Lei has experienced the era of spiritual cultivation at the end of the Dharma, the era of the revival of ancient immortal martial arts, the era of beast-controlling immortal masters, the era of immortal immortals… and so on, different eras of cultivation civilization!

He also witnessed the ups and downs of human relationships, birth, old age, illness and death, love and hatred, dynasty changes, social changes, the birth and death of planets, the evolution of civilizations, and the reincarnation of the universe!

And when he looked back, he, who had inherited the cultivation skills of his whole life, suddenly realized that he was standing on the top of the universe!

ps: This book is also known as “My Road to Immortality”, “The Ages I Lived in”, “Eternal Life Begins by Giving to Children”, “I agreed to pretend to be a divine monk, and you want the world to worship you? ” ”, “I became very good after traveling through time”, “The divine monk started by taking care of the county magistrate’s wife”, “What? Your Majesty, do you also want a son? ”, “After having more than a thousand children, I will never die”, “After cheating, I have endured the entire universe”, “I just want to endure you to death, don’t force me to beat you to death”, “Say good people die like lamps” Destruction, are you reincarnated or not? “, “Later I was born as an immortal, and all genius mentality collapsed”, welcome to the pit

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