I, who only know how to play games, am regarded as a god by the whole world.

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Xu Mu, a serious gamer, crossed Sky Blue Star by accident, only to find that the world here has been duplicated globally!

As long as you clear the copy, you can get multi-faceted bonuses such as strength, agility, and lifespan.

Here, everyone can be a superhero!

Soon, Xu Mu discovered that these dungeons for all people were games he was familiar with!

“Three Kingdoms”, “Minecraft”, “Zelda Breath of the Wild”, “League of Legends”, “Famine”, “Werewolf”, “Cyberpunk 2077” and many other games are in the copy Generate the corresponding world!

Moreover, Xu Mu also discovered a surprising piece of news.

Whether it is the Fire Sword, Ice Sword, and Thunder Sword in Three Kingdoms, or the synthesis method in Minecraft, the combo sequence in League of Legends… countless top weapons and secret treasures, only he knows the game strategy!

When everyone was still struggling to find the hiding place of the fire sword in “Three Kingdoms”, Xu Mu had beaten Cao Cao 108 times with four swords in one!

When everyone was cheering for the synthesized axe, Xu Mu had already chopped off the head of the shadow dragon and fed it to the dogs!

When someone was worshiped by many players because of his original creation of the happy Luxian play style of W little point E little point.

However, Xu Mu, with lightning speed, manipulated the blind monk to play a set of QW, touching eyes, R flashing two-stage Q + slapping the floor + picking B to return to the city, and stared at the world directly!

Countless players call him the God of Instances, the World Tree Immortal.

Xu Mu still kept a low profile.

He low-key shouted on the world’s public screen.

“At eight o’clock tonight, the tortoise group will drag 19!

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