I Was Stuck on the Same Day For a Thousand Years


Wu Chen traveled to a new world, but he is trapped on July 7, 2020!

He indulged himself, did all kinds of evil things, ran away in despair, and even committed suicide hundreds of times in all kinds of ways. But when the day ends, everything goes back to the beginning.

While getting stuck in the repetitive days, he spent countless days learning and studying. And so, he has mastered hundreds of languages and can communicate with 99.9% of the world’s population. He is also proficient in all mainstream musical instruments, arts, dancing, performances, shooting and martial arts… In fact, he is comparable to a master in any and every one of them.

In this way, he lived for a thousand years.

However, when a new day dawns and the sun rises as usual, the date is… July 8, 2020!

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