I Was Reincarnated as a Villainess, but Since I Have Become the Beautiful Woman of My Dreams, That’s Plus-Minus Zero

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I was reincarnated as a villainess, but since I have become the beautiful woman of my dreams, that’s plus-minus zero.

Eh? I’m reincarnated as a villainess?

It suddenly came to me on the morning of my graduation, while I changed to my uniform in my room at the age of 15.

It fell like a revelation, the memory of a sword and magic otome game I played in a previous life in Japan. Now, I am the Duke’s daughter, Alisha Ophaniel Stuart.

From birth, I have been engaged to the first prince of this country, and my future as a queen is already decided.

In the game, I appeared as the evil fiancée of the First Prince Melchizedek, the crown prince, who also a capture target for the Heroine.

My role was a template villainess who becomes jealous of the Heroine and bullied her. Then, I will be condemned at my graduation party.

I had blonde hair and blue eyes, though my facial features are not bad, I’m a little chubby,

I put on fancy makeup and styled my hair in vertical rolls; my dress was in bad taste no matter how you look at them, and together with my haughty demeanor, they give people the impression that I am a vile girl.

Despair fell onto me— Wait.

I thought I was chubby, but this is just hidden big tits.

e? My face also cute?

This Alisha is a top-notch woman in every aspect.

If it like this, go ahead, you guys can flirt to your heart content.

Because my big breast is the best.

But, what should I do after I get banished?

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