I Was Given the «S*ave Release» Skill in An Undeveloped Land and Was Helped By The Girls I Freed

I Was Given the «S*ave Release» Skill in An Undeveloped Land and Was Helped By The Girls I Freed
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I, Alex, became an S-class adventurer with my childhood friends by playing the role of tank and attracting enemies with my great physical strength so that my friends could beat them. It’s a job called ‘Paladin’ that specializes in protecting allies, but probably because everyone is protected by me, they only improved their attack skills without learning defense and evasion skills.

Not knowing that they were protected by my skills, they dismissed me because I had no attack power…!? But without me your defense is like paper!

After this turbulent day I went to the adventurer’s guild to take a leisurely quest to relax alone. I was asked to develop a remote land as a pioneer. Others had tried in the past, but the monsters that appeared were so strong that all the farmers had escaped, so the vast land would be given as a reward to anyone who succeeded.

When I went there, I found that there were no villages or even houses around me, and it was in the countryside where the demons lived. There I found a monster I had never seen, and when I defeated it I acquired the skill of “s*ave release”.

If you use this skill, you can summon a member of the opposite s*x who is ens*aved somewhere in the world to your side. I immediately activated it and a beautiful elf girl appeared!

After that, I released a girl with architectural skills, a foreign princess who was a prisoner, and others, and before I knew it a new country was formed and I was treated as a king…

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