I was expelled from the team and was recruited by the demons?

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Story of: I was expelled from the team and was recruited by the demons?

[Western Fantasy Exit Team Style] [Leading Male Protagonist + Group of Crazy Witches] [Crematorium + Humorous Daily + Sunlight Main Line] (The protagonist gradually transforms from a normal person into a king, and the witches under him are all evil (Ghost) Eli, who accidentally traveled to a different world, acted as the think tank of the guild because he was not a combat-type profession; this world was originally a game that Eli was most passionate about; this also made Eli, who traveled here, control Intelligence far beyond this era; However, his skills and tactics also unknowingly threatened the authority of the guild’s top management; After completing the S-class maze strategy, Eli chose to leave after knowing the face of the guild; After learning that Eli The royal capital guilds who had withdrawn from the team began to try every means to win over this top raider; it was only then that Cynthia, as the guild president, gradually realized how important Eli was to them; unfortunately, this time At that time, Eli had already lost his feelings for Morning Star, and Cynthia had become a dispensable stranger to him; however, after leaving the guild, Eli unexpectedly met someone who stood at the top of the world. The witches; those witches seemed to have some unclear past with him; and after that, they also began to do their best to put Eli on the throne; as for the guild that abandoned Eli, they were almost Slaughtered all… In this way, Eli has almost become an untouchable enemy of the witches; What, what do you think of Eli himself? How else can I watch it? Just lie down and watch it. After all, who can refuse a comfortable life surrounded by witches?

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