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[Reunion + Two strong students + Two-way rush + Heaven’s favored son + Redemption + Early campus and later urban workplace]

Cool and beautiful translator & genius and infatuated prosecutor

(The main city, the early campus chapter will not be too long)

After Shen Qinnian was secretly kissed by Song Yunmu, he unexpectedly discovered that they had a two-way secret love.

He planned to confess his love to Song Yunmu the next day, but who knew that Song Yunmu left without saying goodbye.

This departure was three years later.

Song Yunmu didn’t expect that after three years of absence, he would reunite with Shen Qinnian in court.

Song Yunmu would think of what he had done and avoid him.

One night, Shen Jian, the most unsexy person in the Huadu Procuratorate, blocked the famously cold and glamorous translator Song at the door.

Song Yunmu smelled the smell of alcohol on his body, blushed and covered his mouth: “Have you been drinking? ”

The corners of his eyes turned red, he bent down and kissed the back of Song Yunmu’s hand, and said with a smile: “Well, do you hate it? ”

Song Yunmu’s mind went blank and he hesitated: “You… you are drunk… ”

Shen Qinnian got closer to her, holding her wrist with his hand, and the smile in his eyes deepened: “… Just don’t hate her. ”

*Demining: 1. The heroine has some psychological problems (depression + anxiety)

2. The heroine’s family of origin has problems, and her parents have problems with their education.

ps: The author himself is not a professional law student. This article is viewed as an imaginary novel world. Don’t get too entangled with some private settings. The main thing is to enjoy reading the article.

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