I Told You I’m Not 〇〇!! ~When I Helped Out the Most Beautiful Girl in My Class, My Identity Got Found Out~

I Told You I’m Not 〇〇!! ~When I Helped Out the Most Beautiful Girl in My Class, My Identity Got Found Out~
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I told you I’m not 〇〇!! ~When I helped out the most beautiful girl in my class, my identity got found out~

I, Hiura Seiya aim to live like a mob.

How much of a mob I want to be? The grade will affect my future so I am doing my best on that but I came to school early so that no one would notice me and keep my head buried in the book so that I can blend into the background! I only have one friend in my class! it might be bad for me to say this but the guy I talk to is not a handsome guy or anything, he’s just a single frame in the classroom……..I have been living such a plain life like that but I actually have a secret, I am in a modelling business.

My daily life began to crumble one day when I am heading back home from work and saved Ehashi Reika, a girl in my class who was being hit on in the street.

[What are you reading?],

[Want to head home together?].

Was I found out? At school, my face is always being hidden by the bang so there shouldn’t be any trace that link me to my original appearance, how did she know? At this rate I will change class from a mob into an annoying guy instead!

[No, you must have confused me with someone else].

A story of a sneaky boi eluding a girl……at least he intends to.

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