I think it makes sense for the abandoned son of the demon clan to marry the righteous empress, right

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Story of: I think it makes sense for the abandoned son of the demon clan to marry the righteous empress, right?

[System + Empress + Single Heroine + Invincible + The stronger the protagonist, the less the system will appear] Qin Ye traveled to another world and was raped by the Empress that night, and rumors followed one after another. Everyone: “Oh, what kind of man is he who is just a slave to the empress? ” Then everyone saw the aloof empress acting coquettishly towards Qin Ye, asking for gifts and advice! Everyone: “? ” Everyone: “He is just an abandoned son of the demon clan! ” Just after he finished speaking, thousands of skeletons suddenly appeared in the sky and surrendered to Qin Ye, and the bones of hundreds of millions of gods and demons were at his control! Everyone: “? ” Everyone: “Qin Ye’s status in Tianzong is very humble! ” As soon as he finished speaking, flying dragons were circling in the sky and earth, the scorching sun was in the sky, ninety-nine days were occupied by daylight, and tens of thousands of monks had an epiphany because of Qin Ye! The various visions caused by Qin Ye caused several emperors to stop studying the Great Way and leave the seclusion early. Inexplicably, he became the emperor of Tianzong! Subsequently, the ten emperors started a battle to steal their disciples. Can only choose one? Qin Ye sneered: “Children only choose, and I want both! ” Everyone: “? The clown is actually ourselves! “… … … Years later. Empress Xuantian: “Why can Qin Ye only belong to Yin Qi’er! ” Empress Renyan: “Damn! She got the better of me! ” Empress Houtu: “Why can’t I meet a man like Qin Ye! ” “… ” Qin Ye: “Don’t come over! ” Qin Ye wanted to cry but had no tears, and he could not speak of his sorrow. The more peach blossoms there were, the angrier his wife would be. Alas… go home and coax your daughter-in-law! 【Absolutely single heroine! ] [No harem, no ambiguity] [If there are many readers, three chapters will be updated steadily, and four chapters will be updated during holidays.

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