I, the villainous daughter, was crazily criticized and posted by the villain

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Ye Sui lived in this world for 17 years, and suddenly remembered her identity as a book traveler.

In this pet story, the heroine is a naive and ignorant little fox demon, the boss of the demon world with a flirtatious appearance, the evil and crazy boss of the demon clan, the cold and cold senior brother, and the gentle and jade-like master… Many high-quality men are infatuated with her.

So a male n number who took the name of the young man next door seemed so inconspicuous, but it was such a harmless young man with a crazy villain behind him.

The cursed boy opened his eyes after losing his memory, and the first person he saw was the little fox demon, so he had a fledgling plot towards the little fox demon, and the vicious second female died in his house because of targeting the little fox demon. Men.

Ye Sui became this vicious second female, it was too late to pick up the amnesiac boy first, so she might as well hang on.

After a while, he lost his memory again.

Ye Sui looked at him who was picked up again by the little fox demon, and chose to take a detour. The moment she turned around, someone grabbed her hand.

The boy looked at her for a long time, then simply smiled, “I found it, my lover. ”

Ye Sui: “! ”

after a long time.

She picked up a small notebook that the boy was carrying close to him.

It was written all over the paper: trust no one.

But what was written on the back paper was: remember to love her.

The characters are ugly, only the word “she” is barely correct, and it seems to be gentle when it is written.

No need for a name, no matter how early or late she appears.

The moment he saw her, he knew he was going to love her.

[The male protagonist’s three views are not correct, he is not pleasing in the early stage, loves to act like a baby, and women dote on men. 】

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