I, The Villain, Can Issue Tasks to the Heroine!


I, The Villain, Can Issue Tasks to the Heroine!

What would it feel like for a villain to issue tasks to the heroine of a novel?

Transmigrated into a novel world, Su Hang became a small villain and was bound to a God-Level Task Issuing System. He can issue tasks to the novel’s heroine to alter the plot.

Then, an absurd scene occurred.

The original aloof ice-cold female CEO confessed to Su Hang, the villain, right before the Protagonist.

The female lead, indifferent to the Dragon King Son-In-Law Protagonist, wept bitterly to let her give birth to at least five children of Su Hang.

For a moment, all the Protagonists couldn’t help but become furious and question why.

The female lead replied, “It’s all just the Master’s task.”

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