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You are one of the unlucky ones chosen to enter a game called Gradient Survival.

A “Ten Days Carnival” feast is being held in the sea where nuclear sewage has been discharged for a century. Are the deformed “human beings” still the humans they once were?

Why do skinless corpses appear so frequently in uninhabited abandoned buildings?

Intelligent AI suddenly awakens its consciousness and tries to control the world!

Where did the plane that disappeared on July 7 go?

How to grow a real rose in Maria Town?

Can you help them change their endings in fairy tales?

In order to make money, Yili, who is born tough, broke into the other side of the world.

Everyone is trying to survive, but she is different.

“Hello, do you need Yili Didi to take orders for you? Only 998 points are required, and the survival rate is guaranteed to be 100%~”

The first thing everyone sees when they see Yi Li is the beautiful vase.

Until they saw this beautiful vase carrying a laser cannon and the boss’s head at her feet, blasting through the entire game copy with her own strength…

Yi Liheshan smiled: “All fear comes from lack of vitality. ”

Ghosts have itchy teeth and like to bite people? Yili Dentist is now online.

Does the kid next door like to pick things up? Teacher Yili guides the lost lambs back to the right path online.

The old lady downstairs likes to knock on doors in the middle of the night to borrow candles? Yili officially went online to the neighborhood committee aunt to educate her on love.

The BOSS’s blood is too thick to be beaten? Yili, a humanoid weapon library, gave Brother BOSS a special nuclear bomb online.

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