I rose through the ranks in the world of cultivation by working part-time

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One sentence synopsis: Traveling through the world of cultivation, Tang Tang, a migrant worker, just wanted to survive, but unexpectedly, after hugging the protagonist’s lap, she soared!

Detailed introduction:

[Vest + sweet pet + mutual redemption + imagination]

Tang Tang traveled through time and entered a fairy novel. In the book, the heroine Luo Xuezhi is the child of destiny in the whole world. She is extremely talented and as beautiful as a fairy, and has attracted many proud men in the world of cultivation to bow to her. But she had a blood feud, and she only wanted to become stronger, until she met a top scumbag. Luo Xuezhi felt sad for him, blocked his sword, and fell into the abyss of darkness for him, losing all her spiritual power.

Tang Tang was so angry that his blood pressure soared, and he argued passionately with the dog author for twelve hours. When he woke up, he became cannon fodder who could not survive a chapter in the novel world.

System: Dear, do you want to live? Then come and protect the protagonist. The higher the protagonist’s favorability, the longer you will live~

Tang Tang: Okay, isn’t it just to work for the protagonist?

If a villain wants to bully the heroine, she will fight him!

There is a monster that wants to eat the heroine, so kill her!

There is a scumbag who wants to deceive the heroine, but she beats him!

As long as her blood-skinned skin is thick enough, death will not be able to catch up with her!

However, as the heroine’s favorability increased, Tang Tang discovered something incredible. The heroine, how could she transform? She also had eight-pack abs…

No, who is this crazy and vicious handsome man? Where has her cold, aloof and silent heroine gone?

Later, Tang Tang discovered that the novel she had read before was actually a high imitation and pirated version…

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