I Pretend to Be Good, You Pretend to Be Pure

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Freshman year military training, under the scorching sun:

New school grass Ran Ningmu, his shoulders are wide and his legs – long, his temperament is that of dark spring. He is busy capturing the smiles of all the math xuejie.

Former school grass An Youxi, his face is refreshing and his eyebrows – clear, his temperament is that of clear water. He is busy capturing the events of the military training.

Then, when the two looked at each other:

Ran Ningmu: Cute, I want to do him.

An Youxi: Cute, I want to be done by him.

Then, after the two got together at rocket speed:

Ran Ningmu thought An Youxi liked the little milk dog type, so even if he is obviously a big bad wolf he must still disguise himself as a grass-grazing sheep.

An Youxi thought Ran Ningmu liked the pure type, so even if he really wants to lick the wolf dog’s fur he must still not say anything.

But in reality:

Ran Ningmu: Drinking √, Fighting √, Dyed Hair √, Tattoos √, Inappropriate Clothing √, Underground Motor Racing King √

An Youxi: 30 GB of “research” √ Innumerable amount of smut books √ Full set of shameless man x man animations √ Professional coquettish shou vixen famous among the online voice acting community √


Until one day, when An Youxi was performing a live dubbing, Ran Ningmu suddenly entered through the door. In his surprise, An Youxi accidentally unplugged his headphones causing the room to be instantly filled with the sexy low hoarse voice of the gong VA on the opposite side.

An Youxi and Ran Ningmu: “…..”

Ran Ningmu took a deep breath and easily shut the door with a slam along the way.

Two hours later:

Ran Ningmu: So you’re actually a seductive shou.

An Youxi: So you’re actually a wolfdog.

In fact, doing it only once per week was troubling for Ran Ningmu as well.

After speaking to the other party, don’t even ask about Ran Ningmu’s mood, he is filled with regret.

Ran Ningmu: Had I known from the beginning that gege likes the wild type, I wouldn’t have had to pretend for so long 🙂

Seductive but pretending to be pure and innocent shou x Wolfdog but pretending to be milk dog gong

1v1, double clean*, HE, full of pampering and fluff

T/N: *double clean means that both MC and ML are virgins

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