I Possessed the Final Villain of the Horror Game

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[Subject must swear not to disclose the contents of the technique. The organization is not responsible for any compensation of any disadvantages in case of public disclosure.

The subject must follow the instructions below every day of the Crimson Moon.

It specifies that the association is not liable for compensation for damages to the subject if not implemented.

1. At night when the Crimson Moon rises, the mansion will feel exceptionally quiet and dark, but that is a natural phenomenon. Don’t be anxious.

2. Don’t be surprised if a bird scurries towards the window and breaks it, do not try to open the window or contact people. We are not responsible for any danger that might arise when you open the window.

3. After midnight, you should make sure that there are no locked doors for each visit to the mansion. The door on the first floor, however, is excluded.

5. If you find a room with a locked door, never try to open it, place three pre-prepared flowers at the door and bow three times. Red flowers such as anemone flowers and red roses are good. Please refrain from lilies and white roses.

6. Never check if something falls out of the window, and we recommend you leave the vicinity immediately.

7. If you hear a man shouting, immediately lower yourself and go into a hiding place and hold your breath for 40 seconds. If you feel like you need it, you should stay a little longer.

8. Occasionally you can see the carpet turning red in the mansion, but since the wine has been spilled already, you can ask someone who’s out there to clean the carpet.

9. Subject must light the candles on all candlesticks in the banquet room before dawn. If you fail to light all the candlesticks, leave the mansion right away and hide in a building with an altar and wait until sunrise.

10. If you hear a window breaking by a woman’s scream, stop the ritual that day, leave the mansion, and start over again the next day ( the Crimson Moon will still be present )

11. Never talk to a maid crying in the hallway and do not stay in the same place for a long time. Be careful not to recognize her as a person.

12. If you’ve done everything you have to do when you encounter the crying maid, she’ll be the first to leave, and then the ritual is a success.

13. If the door is locked on the way back with all the candles lit in the banquet room, run right away to find a place to hide. Be careful not to make any sound by locking the doors and blocking the lights. Do not be disturbed by the sound of scratching or choking breaths. If you are lucky enough to hold on until the sun rises, you can start the ritual again the next day. It’s rare, so you don’t have to worry about it in advance.

14. There is no point 4 in this guide. If point 4 is confirmed, please burn the guide and visit the sorcerer.

It is a point to be careful when using the above procedure.

We wish you endless peace in the future.]

I entered the horror game. Not even as the main character, but as the final villain boss!

It is said that she will die of fear from seeing a ghost with a terrible appearance. It is also stated that if she does not execute the rituals written in the instructions every night when the Crimson Moon rises, she will have a horrendous death.

“Why are you trying to escape in fear? You embraced me and went to bed before… ”

“Use me to your heart’s content and command me. I’m left here to be your s*ave.”

“That’s why you should have kept yourself a little less interested in me.”

Surviving is also daunting, but the characters I thought were supporting roles are approaching me?!

But I don’t think these guys are normal either…

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