i people must also bravely raise the villain cubs!

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Two years after graduation, Jiang Zhi finally got his wish and was hired by the kindergarten.

On the first day of employment, Zaizai’s parents kicked open the kindergarten door: “What are you going to study? Why don’t you sell this kid as a companion for money! ”

Jiang Zhi stood in front of Zaizai tremblingly: “This is a crime of child trafficking! I won’t allow you to take away my students! ”

On the second day after joining the company, a strange-looking little Zaizai with horns, ears on his head, and a tail on his butt, lay down at the window of Jiang Zhi’s employee dormitory: “Teacher, teacher, the biscuits you baked are so delicious~”

Jiang Zhi was covered in cold sweat and pulled Zai in: “This is the window on the second floor! ”

On the third day after joining the company, the middle class classroom was suddenly surrounded by fire, and the two Zaizai were trapped in the classroom.

Jiang Zhiji cried and was about to rush in with a wet towel when he was stopped: “Let me go! I’m going to save my students! ”

The fire was extinguished, and the two cubs walked out unharmed and tense.

On the Nth day after joining the company, Jiang Zhi has become accustomed to the strange life here.

Suddenly, a Zaizai ran into the office anxiously from outside: “Teacher~ It’s not good! ”

Jiang Zhi took a sip of tea slowly: “What’s wrong? Did the two children quarrel again? Or did they tear down the house again? Remember to repair it. ”

Zaizai shook his head anxiously: “No! They, they ran into the village… and plucked all the feathers out of the chickens! ”

Jiang Zhi took a sip of tea and instantly spit out: “What? ”

I wanted to use self-media to supplement the kindergarten family’s expenses, but I didn’t expect——

It became an instant hit!

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