I Just Memorized The Plot. Did You Tell Me To Change The Script?

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[Joy to Spirit Resurrection] [Everyday Love Story] [It has nothing to do with the villain story, it’s just that the protagonist is a villain]

I am just an ordinary office worker, how can He De fall in love with you?

What is the level of people who fall in love these days? With my status as a little villain, I am being talked about by all kinds of school beauties, CEOs, and eldest ladies.

Can I grasp it? You can’t grasp it, you don’t have the ability, you know?

The next step is the Dong Chuang Incident, then the Shura Field, and then the hatchet attack, which kills everyone.

So – ladies, please be respectful and stop trying to trick me. I really just want to collect information and clear the plot to receive rewards and go home!

Serious version: Xie Chun, who read the file for the 100th time, found that the plot had undergone earth-shaking changes compared to before.

Xie Chun wanted to follow the male and female protagonists to fish in troubled waters and re-gather plot information, but the female protagonists always surrounded him for various strange reasons.

“Tianji Taoist said that I am a lone star of evil, and death follows me wherever I go. I have helped many people, but when I was in trouble, I was despised and brought bad luck to others. Until he said to me, even if I have only one life left Even in the darkness, he will also use his life to ignite hope and shine on me. I can’t repay him, I can only promise him with my body. ”

“That day when I awakened my powers, a harsh sense of space chaos spread hundreds of meters around me. Others were afraid to avoid me. Only he hugged me despite the pressure of the space storm, and even bluntly said that death would mean death. Why should I be afraid at that time? I made up my mind to protect him forever! ”

Xie Chun: “No, I just collected the information. I want to finish loading and restart as soon as possible. Why are you all hanging around me?

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