I Healed My Husband, The Leader of the Underworld


She is an ex-wife who is killed by the male lead of a R-19 novel.

I couldn’t even do anything because when I woke up here, my wedding vows were already over.

I don’t know what my husband does, but he often comes back covered in blood.

I learnt how to heal the wound with magic.

Unlike the original, I was close with my husband’s beautiful sister.

I have always been nice to my husband’s stepson.

…… Far from getting a safe divorce, it seems like I got caught in a trap.

“You’ve been working so hard on social activities, so it seems like you have caught an eye with another bastard?”

I confessed that I had an unrequited love that I didn’t even have.

My husband’s reaction, which has always been cold, is unusual.

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