I had just become the Immortal Emperor and was contracted by Qing Leng’s school beauty.

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My name is Qin Feng. As an Immortal King, I fought alone against the ancestors of all races in the world. Even in a battle situation surrounded by powerful enemies, I survived the unprecedented thunder and punishment of eternal annihilation and ascended to the throne of the Immortal Emperor in the era of emperor fall. Dianwei rules the world.

Just when I was about to end the old calendar of the world and start the new calendar of the human race, a magic circle suddenly appeared under my feet, and I, the majestic Immortal Emperor, was summoned.

… …

My name is Xiao Ruoxue. The day I first entered the school, I was regarded as the school beauty because I was too dazzling. But what no one knows is that I am actually a reborn person. I once fought three great emperors as a supreme body, and my body died and my soul disappeared. But he carries the memory with him and returns to his youth.

This is an era of terrifying resurgence of contracted spirits for all people. Every human being can use the contract summoning magic circle to form a contract with the summoned creatures and fight together.

Someone’s contract spirit is a myth and legend, which can burn the sky and boil the sea.

Someone’s bonded spirit is an ancient giant beast that can destroy the heaven and the earth.

And my bonded spirit is a legend of swordsmanship who is extremely close to the path of swords. In the future, he will accompany me to become the strongest supreme being in the human race.

But when I looked at the summoning circle, I was dumbfounded. The Sword Clan Pact Spirit did not show up. Instead, what appeared was the most useless of all the Pact Spirits, an ordinary person with no cultivation level.

This rebirth script is unfolding incorrectly!

However, under the witness of the supreme rules, I had to make a contract with him to become a partner and start practicing. I thought that even an ordinary contract spirit with the memory of my previous life would still be able to rise up. I never expected that I could not even make the most ordinary contract spirit. The spirit cannot be summoned.

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