I, God of the River of Concepts, make friends out of nothing

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The Luo River crossed the prehistoric and apotheosis of gods, and became a river that cuts off teachings. Making friends out of nothing can change reality with concepts.

Until the concept is upgraded, the Milky Way is a river, and the long river is also a river, and the river is under his control. It is completely invincible, and an invincible “friend” is born.

Zhao Gongming: “There is such a brazen river god, look, he said he has a friend! ”

Holy Mother: “Is the concept river god friend he mentioned really himself? ”

San Xiao: “I can’t stand it, we want to marry him and see who his friends are! ”

Tong Tian: “Aside from making friends out of thin air, with him in the Great Tribulation of the Conferred Gods… and his friends, we will definitely make Jiejiao turn the world around! ”


Finally one day, Master Tongtian’s Four Swords of Zhu Xian fell into the river, only to find Luo He’s so-called “friend of the concept river god”!

“Young leader~ Did you drop the silver Jade Sword Four, or the golden Jade Four Swords~”

“Young Holy Mother~ Did you drop this silver Dragon and Tiger Jade Ruyi, or this golden Dragon and Tiger Jade Ruyi~”

“This young Duobao~”

“This young Yun Xiao~”

“Young Gongming~”

Master Tongtian: “My sect still hides such an invincible existence? ”

Taoist Duobao: “This river god is simply against the sky! ”

Our Lady of the Golden Spirit: “I suspect that he is not just a conceptual river god, but an existence beyond everything! ”


This book is also known as “Going to make friends out of nothing”, “Don’t mess with that river”, “From the small river to the long river of time”, “I, the concept river god, make friends out of nothing to save Jiejiao”, “Prehistoric: Is the concept you mentioned, friend of the river god, really you yourself? ”

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