I Fell in Love at First Sight, Sir Hidden Villain!


Duke Adler, who is called the best man in the Asgard Empire, is as handsome as a statue… no– is a serial killer and hidden villain in this novel. And Princess Charlotte, whom he married out of convenience, is murdered on the first night of the wedding.

…the thing is, I am the princess who was fated to be killed by the hidden villain on the first night.

“It’s an arranged marriage anyway, and we don’t even want to see each other’s faces, so we’ll only meet on the day of the wedding.”

It is clear that the hidden villain is reluctant to marry me. So my choice is…

“I fell in love at first sight. So go out with me!”

Only six months left until the wedding. I decided to do an undercover investigation under the pretext of dating. People don’t believe me, so I’ll have to find the evidence myself.

While I was by his side trying to lay bare the fact that he is a serial killer…


“You said you fell in love with me at first sight, what were you doing with another man?” a cold voice flowed into my ears.

“What, what do you mean? It was just a dance to get the banquet going…”

The nape of my neck heated up from his hot breath that touched my earlobes. The cold voice and the contrasting sensation made me even dizzier.

“In his arms, you affectionately called him by his first name.”


I held my breath because I couldn’t keep my mind from the intense musk scent that wrapped around my body. My whole body was tingling from the strange sensation that ran along the back of my neck.

He tilted his head and said, “If there is another bastard’s scent on your body… I will kill him.”

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