I collect cultural relics in the human world

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All things have animism, especially the cultural relics that have experienced vicissitudes of life.

They carry not only art, culture and history, but also the hard work and obsession of generations of Chinese people.

Living in a foreign museum, they are like wanderers. They always feel the longing for their old friends and homeland, and they also miss their old friends and homeland all the time. They look forward to returning to the place where they were born, the place where they grew up, and the place they protected.

The road is long and difficult, but the journey is about to end, and the wanderer will eventually return home.


He Si’s vision suddenly became serious after seeing the unsmiling old Chaofeng.

There were black handprints causing chaos in the hotel, but she saw the flying fireflies turning into the Milky Way.

The beautiful girl turned into withered bones for no reason, but she saw insects and ants covered in transparent filaments.

Strange things happened frequently on the reality show crew, but she saw the back of an ancient lady walking away.

The suspicion in the town became more and more intense, but she saw the white-haired old man standing on the giant turtle.


He Si discovered that these illusions came from mysterious cultural relics with supernatural powers, and she happened to be able to see through the obsession and sincerity hidden behind the cultural relics. For these cultural relics, the collecting girl He Si decided to join hands with Lao Chaofeng to start a fantasy and crazy adventure. The journey of fighting monsters.

Until one day, she saw for the nth time that the ordinary old Chaofeng had turned into a noble, handsome, and elegant young man, and she finally couldn’t restrain the doubts in her heart.

–who are you?

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