I Can Still Survive


Ye Muo found himself transmigrated into an interstellar world, becoming the illegitimate son of one of the Empire’s minor noble families. With average psychic power and physical capabilities, his sole standout feature was his remarkable appearance. In a society saturated with nobles, he could only walk with his tail between his legs, constantly aware of his lower status.

However, during a highly anticipated battle simulation among the military academies, Ye Muo astounded all the onlookers by achieving psychic power resonance with none other than the Emperor himself, seated high upon the judging platform.

As was common knowledge, only those with a direct blood relationship could enter such a state.

Ye Muo’s irises trembled like there was no tomorrow.

That very emperor was the tyrant who slaughtered his entire family during his ascension to the throne.

The lunatic who claimed this sinful bloodline would end with his generation.


The Grantz, a clan of lunatics with the most prestegious of bloodlines. Aloofness was their characteristic, insanity their fate. Hidden under their glorious, millennia-long rule were innumerable sins. Virtually none of their members met a good end.

Their tragic lineage was finally extinguished by the infamous mad emperor, Norton Grantz.

Norton Grantz was thus referred to as The Last Grantz.

Until his beloved son, Xavier Grantz appeared.

Xavier, meaning you are my supreme treasure.

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