I Became the Son of a Corrupt Lord, so I’ll Enjoy an Easy Life in Another World ~but Please Stop Revering Me as a “Saint”!~


Alcohol! Women! Money! I was supposed to have it all and live as I please!… Or so I thought.

Ouga Vellet, the eldest son of the notorious Vellet duke family of corrupt nobles, is a reincarnated individual.

After working at a black company and dying from overwork, he had one dream.

“To create a cute harem and eat delicious food. I’ll live an easy and carefree life with my subjects’ taxes!”

He began working towards his dream of a wonderful life in another world he had dreamed of.

He helped the bullied commoner children to build his harem and gain their gratitude.

He hired many orphans to gain labor and educated them.

And, to quell any rebellion, he attended a magic academy to master magic.

“Kukuku… everything’s going smoothly! A bright future awaits me!”

However, Ouga did not yet know what would happen.

His actions to live an easy and carefree life will be appreciated by society, and he will be hailed as a “saint” by the masses in the future.

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