I Became the Black Swan Mother of the White Swan Princess


The transmigration that happened to others, it happened to me too. I’m pretty sure I’m now a supporting character……but exactly which novel is this?

When I opened my eyes, I was a widow with stepdaughters my own age, and not only that, I turned into a black swan every night due to a dark curse! Holding back my tears, I decided to take charge of my fate…wait, why should I? Why So Serious?

A duchess during the day, a queen of the lake during the night – I have the best luck to be able to leisurely float around! Life should be lived unplanned! When I had just about decided to live my life like this, a white baby swan, one that was not in my no-plan life plan, came to me.

“Mommy, awe you weally my mommy?”

What, you were a person? And even the youngest sibling of the tyrant emperor?

“I’m not your mother! Can’t you tell by the different colors of our feathers?”

I’m a black swan, you’re a white swan! But why is she so crazy cute. Can our mother-daughter love endure the obsession and persecution(?) of this child’s seven brothers, including the tyrant emperor’s?

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