I asked you to read Feng Shui and you became the master of Yingjiang?

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Su Lin traveled to Yingjiang and inherited an astrology studio.

What the hell is astrology? Yin and Yang Feng Shui is the kingly way, okay?

As soon as the golden finger was activated, an old man ran in and asked how to become the leader of Yingjiang.

Su Lin said that he was probably not a lunatic.

However, when he saw the old man’s face, he was instantly stunned.

The purple energy from heaven comes from the east, and the palace of life shines with golden light.

This old man is really destined to be a commander!

However, the ancestors are not cute enough, so they need to… move their ancestral graves!

“Su, my business has failed these past two days and I have lost a lot of money. ”

“Look at the feng shui of your villa, with a white tiger walking through the hall, it would be weird if you don’t pay for it! ”

“Su, I just attended my friend’s funeral and I feel uncomfortable. Can you help me take a look? ”

“Oh, you didn’t pay attention to the time of disaster, did you? This is a disaster! ”

“Su, I have a friend who recycles rockets. The rockets have been exploding recently… ”

“Your friend’s surname is Ma. Let him come to see me on his own! ”

“Dear Su, do you think I am the leader… ”

“This is a bit troublesome… I need to pay more! ”


Move the Yingjiang grave, catch the Yingjiang demon, and earn Yingjiang money.

Accidentally, Su Lin discovered that he had become Yingjiang’s national master?

I don’t know when it started, but Yingjiang also became popular wearing hemp and mourning and burning paper figurines!

And he has become the actual helmsman of this giant ship!


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