I am the savior in the horror world with my money skills

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[Unlimited streaming + no CP + Shenhao Krypton Gold]

Jing Zhao, the all-powerful boss with 900 billion net worth, was thrown into a world of horror in a blink of an eye.

Hearing that the monsters here like Ming coins very much, Jing Zhao waved his hand.

Ghost coins? She has plenty of this.

While other players were going through life and death collecting ghost coins in order to survive, Jing Zhao had already started using ghost coins to recruit monster boys in the horror world.

Then a strange phenomenon occurred in the horror world.

As long as it’s a copy of Jing Zhao’s appearance, the style of painting is always unique.

In other dungeons, the monsters are eager to tear the players apart and eat them, but in Jing Zhaozai’s dungeon, all the monsters are eagerly waiting for the rich man’s luck.

There are also some monsters that denounce these monsters as soft bones and let them torture the players.

The monster that has already earned the ghost coins smiles scornfully and tortures the player? Have you ever experienced the feeling of being a younger brother who makes hundreds of thousands of net coins in one day? You don’t understand at all!

What a hard life they had lived before!

Later, the monsters understood, and they began to please Jing Zhao, striving to become the most popular henchman in front of Jing Zhao.

Jing Zhao also suddenly realized why he felt like the strange thing was so flattering to him. And those players she met at the beginning were still trying very hard to pass the level. Why do they think of winning by lying down when they see her now?

She spent money to save her life, but suddenly became the savior of players and monsters in the game. It was so unexpected!

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