I Am Being Raped By A Wedding Dress Star On The Internet? All The Aristocratic Families In Beijing T

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[Second-generation official + Shenhao + Slap in the face + School belle + Villain + Cool article + more… ]

Jiang Lin travels to a parallel world and starts off with a fanatical star-chasing girlfriend.

Before I had time to express my gratitude to God, the other party wore the wedding dress she spent a huge sum of money to buy and went to attend the concert of a certain popular niche? !

“I finally married my youth! Wang Yifan, I love you! ! ”

“Hurry up and take pictures for me! To commemorate my love story with Fanfan! ”

“I want to dedicate my best and most beautiful self to him! ”

“Don’t worry, I will also wear this wedding dress to marry you in the future. ”

Jiang Lin: Nani? ?

Looking at the outrageous girlfriend in a white wedding dress in front of him, Jiang Lin chose to break up at the speed of light, but unexpectedly he suffered countless xxn online abuses.

“It’s just a wedding dress, why do you care so much? Sisters divide it well! ”

“My baby boy’s thinking is too backward. Shouldn’t he just wear a wedding dress? Are we going to break up because of such a trivial matter? ”

“Congratulations to my sister for being out of misery. ”

“The lower man! ”

Faced with cyber violence, Jiang Lin had no choice but to call his home phone…

On the second day, a hot search hit the major media outlets, instantly detonating the entire network.

【The sky is falling! The true identity of the young man who was bullied online turned out to be the Crown Prince of Beijing! 】

At the same time, Beijing issued two documents overnight:

“Six Opinions on Rectifying the Internet and Entertainment and Culture Industries”

“Guiding Opinions on Strictly Combating Internet Violence and Carrying out Internet Cleanup Operations”

The whole country is shocked!

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