How Lucky I Am To Meet You


On a lucky day, Jiaxin met her old classmate that she never forgot, but the old classmate did not recognize her.

That’s just right, familiar people are not easy to speak to. The first step in the relationship is to stimulate hormones~~

【Doctor of Physics, Social Disordered, Beautiful Face-lifted Girl x Truck Driver’s Mouth and Body Warming Attack】

Xingjia caught a cold and immediately called Tan You.

Tan You: “See a doctor if you have a cold, I will only see the car.”

The lucky Jiaxin: “I don’t need you to look at my illness. I am hungry, and I don’t want to eat takeaway.”

Tan You made a porridge and delivered it to her door: “Satisfying one’s physical needs is the basic requirement of adults.”

Jiaxin took a sip of the porridge slowly, and glanced at Tan You’s calloused fingers: “I can’t satisfy myself, so I’ll give myself to you.”

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