How did I become an F1 driver?

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Qin Miao discovered that she has the talent to become a top e-sports driver.

Because he only took time to play the simulator during the college entrance examination, he was surprised to find that he had the ability to compete with other professional e-sports drivers.

You must know that he has this ability just by playing casually. If he concentrates on practicing, Qin Miao will definitely have a bright future on the road of e-sports driver.

Qin Miao has made plans to take the road of e-sports driver if she fails the college entrance examination.

But on an extremely ordinary day, Qin Miao obtained the system.

However, Qin Miao still knew that even if he got the system, he was unlikely to become an official F1 driver.

Because he was already 19 years old when he got the system, and Qin Miao had never been in contact with anything related to racing before the age of 19.

After two years:

Xiao Zhou: There is no doubt that Qin Miao is a very talented driver, but I feel that racing is just a profession for him. His real hobbies are live broadcasting and playing games.

Locke: Qin? It’s just the second generation of Kimi.

But then again, he played CSGO really well, and he brought my big earth.

Old man: Qin is a pure person, his life is only racing… and video games.

Dutch white-eyed wolf: I have nothing to say about him.

Bihi: As long as he spends half of his playing time on the emulator, what he has achieved now is far more than that!

Horner: I admire Qin very much. He is a natural F1 driver and a pure person. I very much hope that he can join Red Bull and become one of us.

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