Hot searches! The sand sculpture boss is a variety show mudslide

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Story of: Hot searches! The sand sculpture boss is a variety show mudslide

[hilarious and refreshing article➕slight fantasy➕crazy criticism➕conglomerate female boss➕violent and sadistic scum➕double sweet pet➕cute baby] She is the nine-tailed fox god who is dressed as an orphan girl – Su Manqi. Her three major hobbies in life are making money, eating chicken, and beauties. In the last variety show, other people’s idols were the ceiling of variety shows. But she is the first person to show mudslides in variety shows, do live broadcasts, and is the first person to identify bitches and crack down on fakes! Her delicate appearance is all an illusion, but her true nature is to criticize scumbags like crazy, and her methods of torturing scumbags are ruthless, ruthless and fierce! In front of her, an expert in identifying whores, the villains surrendered and blew themselves up one after another! I originally wanted to do a variety show in a low-key manner, but I didn’t talk about being a scumbag and making money, but it turned out that it was trending frequently! She often gets out of the circle because she doesn’t realize it. She punches lonely souls and resentful ghosts, and kicks evil spirits. She is the nemesis of evil and the messenger of justice! The villain with a bruised nose and swollen face cried online: Jiu Min, don’t mess with this woman with straight bangs! She uses [Physics Education] to easily train the Three Realms and Six Paths! With her strength, she became the favorite of the four wealthy families in the imperial capital! The Zhan family in the imperial capital said happily: “The son of Liu Shui, the daughter-in-law of iron! “And her true destiny [Dzi Bead] – the chaebol boss Zhan Jingtian. But squatting next to Batian, he couldn’t help but sigh: There is really a god in this world, and she is also a sand sculpture beauty!

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