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Cheng Yao, the eldest lady of the Cheng family in City A, was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was loved by thousands of people, like a proud and isolated peacock. However, when she was 19 years old, this peacock lady fell in love with a mortal. She picked up a man from the roadside, confessed her love vigorously and was rejected, then sealed her heart and raised a “fish pond” in love with him.

Shang Qi, the “illegitimate son” raised by a businessman outside, was taken back when he was 20 years old. His father did not care for his mother, and he was often scolded for being unlucky. He was a little crow character who could only hide in the dark and grow up. He was framed because of the dissatisfaction of his sideline, and unexpectedly I met Cheng Yao who was as flamboyant as Little Sun.

20-year-old Shang Qi looked at Cheng Yao and said seriously: “I don’t like girls who are too good. ”

When we met in a bar five years later, Cheng Yao was enthusiastic and public, “Brother, I seem to have fallen in love with you at first sight, so can you give me your WeChat account? ”

Shang Qi refused without raising an eyebrow: “Don’t touch it, I think it’s dirty. ”

Everyone said that the daughter of the Cheng family loved Shang Qi as much as she loved her, until they saw Shang Qi showing off the wedding ring on his ring finger in front of the media and solemnly admitting that Cheng Yao was his only wife in this life.

Only then did everyone exclaim, it turned out that Mr. Shang was enjoying his mistreatment of his wife and chased her to the crematorium!

[Avoidance: The male protagonist is not an illegitimate child, there is a story in it, and the female protagonist is also very clean, 1V1, the male protagonist loved the female protagonist from the beginning, but he is stubborn and unwilling to admit it! 】

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