Horror game NPC scares players to tears again

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[Infinite Stream + Crazy Criticize Villain Protagonist + NPC]

A horror game has come to the world, and those who are chosen will become gamers.

By chance (bug) coincidence of machine (system) fate (bug) , Su Nian was also selected by the game.

【Ding! Congratulations on becoming the NPC of the large-scale horror game “Horror Paradise”. Play as an NPC in the game and get horror points in any way. The horror points can be exchanged for everything you need. 】

Su Nian, who entered the game, focuses on intimidating players, trying to be a qualified NPC, and bullying other NPCs along the way.

——The beautiful village flower who stole Xiaomei’s limelight, and the thorny head who disobeyed discipline in “School” and “Yuan”——

There are only NPCs who don’t work hard, and there are no capitalists who can’t blow their heads!

System: “Please NPC clear the level with serious means! ”

Su Nian: “What? You said to kill the dungeon? ”

Entering the dungeon for the first time, I heard that there is a big boss in the dungeon, the big boss ranks first in the points list, and the number one in the force list.

Su Nian took a closer look, this boss looks like her weak and poor boyfriend? ?

Jiang Yuhuai is a coward, but also poor.

I can’t lift my shoulders, my hands can’t resist, the house is rented, the car is two-wheeled electric, and the food I eat is left over from last night.

At a young age, he was suffering from illnesses and brain cancer.

In fact, Jiang Yuhuai pretended to be weak and poor.

Only the love for Su Nian is true…

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