Honghuang: I, the human saint master, started to create martial arts

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The new book [Immortal Family: Starting from Building a Family Prodigy] has been released, all fellow Taoists are invited to move on.

Traveled to the prehistoric world and became one of the three thousand innate human races. However, the human race has no way of cultivation after being reborn. For the future of himself and the human race, Lin Chen resolutely used the experience and knowledge of his previous life to create a cultivation path suitable for the human race. Dao—martial arts!

However, due to lack of background, the martial arts created by Lin Chen is lacking, the highest can only be practiced to the realm of true martial arts, and there is no way forward.

At this time, the deduction space opens, and the beginning deduces the method of martial arts and longevity, and preaches to the human race.

What, the Heavenly Court of the Yaozu wants to use the flesh and blood of the human race to refine the witch-slaying sword?

The strong human race listened to the order, let me break through the heaven of the monster race, and let Emperor Donghuang Taiyi wake up.

What, Taishang Laozi was robbed of his opportunity to preach, and he wants to take revenge after his testimony and sanctification?

I’m sorry, let me know about the Golden Wheel of Heavenly Dao Gongde, if you dare to try to move the human race!

This is a story of a traveler who created his own martial art, passed it on to the human race, became a saint master of the human race with a humble body, dominated the prehistoric world, and conquered the heavens.

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