His Majesty Slacks off After Transmigrating Into a Book

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After the death of the legendary emperor Huo ji, he transmigrated into a dog-blooded novel about a wealthy family’s grievances, becoming the same-named protagonist Huo ji.

Huo ji was weak and sickly from a young age, and after a master fortune teller’s prediction, he was destined to have a “contracted engagement” for good luck. Unexpectedly, his fiancée fell in love with his half-brother, the male lead of the novel.

To break off the engagement, the fiancée set up Huoji to have a one-night stand with a stranger and planned to catch him in the act. With his heart and soul shattered by this betrayal, Huoji began to act recklessly and became one of the antagonists who opposed the male lead everywhere, ultimately meeting a tragic end.

When the emperor woke up from a medicine-induced sleep after the incident, he was determined to seek revenge against the person who had set him up. He thought that by dealing with those annoying people, he could finally start a carefree life without worrying about state affairs. However, he did not expect that the person who had a one-night stand with him would be so clingy.

This person took care of him in every possible way, such as asking about his well-being, doing his laundry and cooking, and even making his bed. He accepted the person’s presence and even accepted their domineering behavior, deciding to support himself.

Later, the company was in crisis and on the verge of bankruptcy, and Huoji gave his remaining savings to Li Qinghong, saying that it was enough for him to live on for the rest of his life. Unexpectedly, Li Qinghong took out a global limited-edition black card, saying, “Wife… , we’re rich!”

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